Chemistry I Notes
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Chemistry I Syllabus
(contains correlation between text chapters and core content)

Note to Parents
Cornell Notes form
Chemistry Notebook Format
Instructions for REworking Tests
Lab Report Format

Lab Safety Contract
Bunsen Burner Worksheet
Common Lab Equipment Worksheet  (good link)

Visualizing Vocabulary
Vocabulary Concept Map
Units   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12 UNIT RESOURCES
Unit 1: Intro to Reaction Rates
  -Unit Activity Sheet
  -Class Notes
      Introduction to Reaction Rates ppt
      Mystery Lab
     MOLO Reaction Rates WS
     Explosive History of Nitrogen
MOLO Reaction Rate vs. Temperature
MOLO Reaction Rate vs. Concentration
Unit 2: Particle Theory
  -Unit Activity Sheet
  -Class Notes
    Particle Theory Intro (ppt)  (notes)
    Particle Theory of Matter
    States of Matter WS
    Heating Curve WS
    Phase Diagram WS
    Heating Curve Explanation
    (instructions)   (graph)
   I am Water
Concept Maps

Vocabulary Notebook

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Unit 3: Models of the Atom
  -Unit Activity Sheet (4th Block)
  -Class Notes
      Intro to the Atom (ppt) (pdf) (notes)
      Periodic Table  (ppt)  (pdf)
      Proton, electron, neutron reading
     Parts of the Periodic Table
     Properties of Matter Reference Sheet
     Alien Periodic Table Activity
        Periodic  Table WS
        Cooking with The Elements WS
        A-level Periodic Table WS's

   - A-level Reading (1st Block)
     The Color of Gems
3-Way Venn Diagram

More Information on:
      Groups of the Periodic Table
Unit 4: Types of Matter
  -Unit Activity Sheet
  -Class Notes
    Types of Matter (ppt)  (adobe)
    Classification of Matter Table
    ECM Worksheet
    Ion Isotope activity and HW
    Average Mass WS
    Mole WS1


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Unit 12: Gases, etc.
   Activity Sheet
Chemistry Blimp Webquest